FROM H. P. Lovecraft
TO Zealia Brown Reed


"On the High Places" sent to Farnsworth Wright, with note that it will not reflect poorly on "The Unchaining", and on Frank Belknap Long's comments; Lovecraft intends to return to "The Mound" soon; on Frank Belknap Long as a teacher, seguing into discussion of romance fiction (including an article on love-scenes; Lovecraft is discarding piles of his old magazines) and foreign viewpoints vs. American (mentioning Arthur Schnitzler and Guy de Maupassant); enclosing an advertisement of a writer's handbook; on Japan, China, and India (with mention of Hawaii, Ponape, and Easter Island); Lovecraft & Samuel Loveman on a business tour of New England bookshops and sightseeing (including the scene of "Pickman's Model"), Marblehead, Salem (including Hawthorne's "House of the Seven Gables" and the "Old Witch House"); glad Zealia's son liked the card. Postscript: Lovecraft will discuss "On the High Places" with Long.

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