FROM H. P. Lovecraft
TO Zealia Brown Reed


Lovecraft sending this letter as Frank Belknap Long is irate at the letter from Uzzell on their respective writing advice (with a quote from Long), and advising Zealia not to pay Uzzell any more money (with reference to Irene Temple Bailey, Kathleen Thompson Norris, "The Unchaining" and "Ice Music"), with a jocular note on the feeding habits of writers, referencing the Irish Potato famine and the Celtic Renaissance (Yeats, Synge, Dunsany, A.E., Lady Gregory, Padraic Colum, etc.); on Uzzell's fees, and advising against get-rich-quick schemes, but advising a correspondence course from Colombia College or further work with Long might be beneficial. Postscript: Enclosing a reference to Kansas City from last night's newspaper.

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