FROM H. P. Lovecraft
TO Zealia Brown Reed


Apologies for delay in acknowledging her letter and check, Lovecraft has been forwarding Frank Belknap Long's mail as his family has been on vacation; on Zealia's story idea of a woman with "extra-terrestrial vision" involving Jesus Christ, explaining how to develop it (mentioning Anatole France, "The Blue Foulard", etc.) and quoting a letter from a young writer in Weird Tales (presumably Bernard Austin Dwyer), discussing possible weird treatment (with mention of M. R. James, Edgar Allan Poe, and Arthur Machen); glad James Reed and Junior are doing well, seguing into the necessity of correspondence; on avoiding weird fiction if it causes nightmares, discussing some of Lovecraft's own night-gaunts (mentioning Gustave Doré's illustrations of Paradise Lost and Dante's Inferno), recommending M. R. James instead of Edgar Allan Poe, and giving titles (The Five Jars, Ghost Stories of An Antiquary, More Ghost Stories of an Antiquary, A Thin Ghost & Others, and A Warning to the Curious); glad that Long is proving useful; on Ben Hecht (mentioning Erik Dorn and Humpty Dumpty); glad the John B. Watson article was of interest, and the benefits of modern psychology on writing; Lovecraft delayed getting at the weird tale of the Indian ("The Mound"). Postscript: Lovecraft will report anything from Farnsworth Wright on "The Curse of Yig."

Note: Letter incomplete, missing two pages.

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