FROM H. P. Lovecraft
TO Zealia Brown Reed


Lovecraft still in New York, and hoping Frank Belknap Long is doing well in his place for revision purposes (with mention of "Red Blood"), ending in a proclamation of his love for Providence, RI; Lovecraft visiting antique sites in New York (with mention of William Henry Shelton); on Long, Uzzell, and "The Unchaining"; glad to hear of Zealia's progress on reading, and recommending the Haldeman-Julius Little Blue Books; on Zealia's plan to buy books in New York; on re-revision of "Red Blood" and "A Matter of Management"; on literary form and characterization (with reference to James Branch Cabell); on life; "The Curse of Yig" submitted to Farnsworth Wright for Weird Tales (and if they don't take it, it can go to Tales of Magic & Mystery and Amazing Stories), seguing to discussion of Conrad A. Brandt, editor of Amazing Stories and "The Colour Out of Space"; on future revision-work and financial matters; on cats & dogs (with reference to William Lyon Phelps and Lovecraft's essay "Cats and Dogs"); Lovecraft will tell Loveman that he received Zealia's list, seguing into discussion of William St.; Lovecraft and Long still working on the Portrait of Ambrose Bierce job for Adolph de Castro; Lovecraft has been to Time Square only once this trip, determined to return to Providence for the summer, and is proofreading "The Shunned House" which is to be printed by W. Paul Cook (who also published Long's "Man from Genoa"); Lovecraft planning an antiquarian trip before returning to Providence; best regards to Zealia's son.

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