FROM H. P. Lovecraft
TO Zealia Brown Reed


Lovecraft received Zealia's letters and will revise "The Blue Foulard," right after finishing a job due by Christmas (John Ravenor Bullen's White Fire); on the Greek literature course he suggested (with reference to Keats, Caesar, Virgil, Cicero, Horace, Xenophon, & Homer), seguing into his opinion on translations; some suggested translated works (Bullfinch's Age of Fable, J. Dorman Steele's History of Greece, Capps' Homer to Theocritus, Wright's Masterpieces of Greek Literature, Lang's Iliad and Odyssey), with a brief promise of suggesting a Latin course; on the Parker's Aids and the aim for a universal writing style; on revision; on the Little Blue Books (with a list of suggestions and where to find them, seguing into a discussion of Jewish bookshops in New York); on the Zealia's possible New York trip and possible Providence side-trip; on conversation vs. writing; on Uzzell and the writing technique favored by modern editors; Lovecraft's take on Zealia's literary attitude (recommending Arthur Machen's Hieroglyphics, and mentioning Edgar Allan Poe, Lord Dunsany, Machen, Algernon Blackwood, Oscar Wilde, Gautier, FLaubert, Lafcadio Hearn, and Walter Pater); on Lovecraft's latest deluge of guests (including Weird Tales contributors Frank Belknap Long, Jr., DOnald Wandrei, H. Warner Munn, & C. M. Eddy, Jr., as well as W. Paul Crook and James F. Morton); Lovecraft will begin revising "The Blue Foulard" as soon as possible, then work on "Under Cover."

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