FROM H. P. Lovecraft
TO Zealia Brown Reed


Acknowledgement of Zealia's letter, cheque, and manuscript; written from the Lincoln/Quinsnicket Woods, where Lovecraft likes to work in the open air; Lovecraft's guest (Donald Wandrei) reading Lord Dunsany books in Lovecraft's library and his first story ("The Red Brain") will be published in Weird Tales; glad the Parker's Aids are helpful, and hope Charles J. Finger's book (Hints on Writing Short Stories) will help also, seguing into criticism of contemporary education of youths; notes on the new manuscript (interrupted by a note that the wind had taken Lovecraft's hat and he had to retrieve it); wishing good luck with "The Unchaining"; on novels (citing novelists Edith Wharton, Arnold Bennett, Joseph Hergesheimer, H. G. Wells, John Glasworthy, Kathleen Norris, Leonard Merrick, William McFee, and Joseph Conrad); praise for Zealia's progress as a writer.

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