FROM H. P. Lovecraft
TO Zealia Brown Reed


Trusting that the Parker's Aids arrived; Lovecraft busy preparing a Greek literature course and out-of-town company; glad to hear Zealia has settled in Kansas City, and hope the revision of "The Unchaining" was acceptable, understanding about delayed payment, and advising patience with rejection by magazines; hope the Parker's Aids are useful, and discussing other correspondence courses (mentioning Thomas H. Uzzell); on the need for writers to develop technical skill and read literary criticism (mentioning H. L. Mencken, Stuart P Sherman, Arthur Symons, Lowell, and Edgar Allan Poe), and enclosing a Little Blue Book (Hints on Writing Short Stories); on the Little Blue Books; will begin revision of "Under Cover" in two weeks, when the visitors have left; repeated congratulations on returning to Kansas, citing his own homecoming to Providence after living in New York.

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