FROM H. P. Lovecraft
TO Zealia Brown Reed


Thanks for the payment on the last revision, as well as the article & enclosures; Lovecraft's estimates on revision work needed for the article which Zealia sent, seguing into details of revising & rewriting; criticism of the article itself, seguing into details on mailing manuscripts, typewriters, and other aspects of the writer's profession; criticism on Zealia's long story (with Lovecraft approving the provisional title "The Unchaining," and commenting on puns regardng Gov. Henry Sloughter, Jacob Leisler, King James, and Sir Edmund Andros), on writers' reluctance to revise their work (citing Lord Byron); glad Zealia has a copy of Woolley's Handbook of Composition, and suggesting Zealia try to market the shorter manuscript Lovecraft revised for her; sorry Zealia doesn't like Cleveland, will note her address change, and Lovecraft will make an effort to meet her in New York during her visit (briefly mentioning his former habitation).

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