FROM Robert E. Howard
TO H. P. Lovecraft


Sorry to hear about Lovecraft and his aunt's ill health, and the weather; returning to their argument on philosophy and regional differences, and civilization and barbarism, beginning with brutality among Texas pioneers (and Native Americans and Mexicans) versus Europeans and leading into a discussion of civilized warfare (and the removal from the brutal realities); on Mussolini's invasion of Ethiopia (and fascism in the United States, with mention of Arthur Brisbane), and touching on French colonialism (mentioning Hector France's Musk, Hashish and Blood and William Seabrook); returning to the pioneers and Golden Ages; on the origins of their argument (comparing the idealized frontier-life to modern day difficulties, and quoting extensively Life of "Billy" Dixon, Commerce of the Prairies, and The Great Plains), focusing on the regional differences between East and West, and seguing eventually to lawlessness in Texas (both in Howard's day and pioneer times, with an anecdote of picking up a hitch-hiker); on the difficulties with his mother's medical treatment, and her worsening condition; on some work Howard has done for Spicy Adventures, Thrilling Mysteries, Cowboy Stories and Complete Stories; a few brief lines on trips in Texas, learning to mix drinks, renewing and breaking things off with Novalyne Price again, and exercises with sledge-hammers, etc. and generally in good health; praise for Lovecraft's "The Haunter in the Dark" and Lovecraft's poem in the Phantagraph, glad to hear "The Shadow over Innsmouth" is coming out in book form, and that the illustrations for At the Mountains of Madness are suitable; Howard's difficulty writing anything but westerns lately (although he may write a pirate story, and Kline is encouraging Howard to write a follow-up to his Oriental story), with a new possible series based around Pike Bearfield for Argosy, along with Breckinridge Elkins in Action Stories and Buckner J. Grimes in Cowboy Stories.

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