FROM Robert E. Howard
TO H. P. Lovecraft


On Howard's dreams (and Lovecraft's Roman dream, that Frank Belknap Long used in "The Horror from the Hills"); a return to their argument on philosophy (and the innate antithesis of Howard and Lovecraft), the "enemy of humanity" giving way to deprecation of contemporary civilization versus barbarianism (and of atrocities committed by civilization, and western pioneers), seguing into Mussolini's invasion of Ethiopia (citing John Bond's Mussolini, the Wild Man of Europe, Japan's invasion of Manchuria, hypothetical German and Russian designs on surrounding countries, etc.), on police brutality and lawlessness in Texas, and returning to talk of civilization; interest on Lovecraft's remarks on American accents, and praise for Lovecraft's "The Haunter of the Dark" (received from E. Hoffmann Price and sent on to Duane W. Rimel); slowness of payments possibly forcing Howard to abandon fantasy-writing; thanks for the information on the Currituck area of North Carolina (where the Ervins had settled); apologies for the shortness of the letter, as Howard's mother had to be taken to a hospital in San Angelo, TX, and is in a bad way; the worst winter since 1929; on San Angelo.

Note: Footnotes in A Means to Freedom and the Selected Letters includes the text of a note on this letter written by E. Hoffmann Price (dated 11 May 1945) regarding San Angelo, TX.

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