FROM Robert E. Howard
TO Otis Adelbert Kline


A check from Weird Tales for "The Grisly Horror"; hoping "Guns of Khartum" sells, and enclosing another for Spicy Adventure; rewriting a Breckinridge Elkins story, and can rewrite "Daughters of Feud," and asking after any criticism for "Ship in Mutiny"; on Thrilling Adventures, "The Trail of the Blood-Stained God," and "Gold From Tartary"; on Jack Dempsey's Fight Magazine and William H. Kofoed selling one of Howard's novelettes to Dime Sport, and Howard re-writing "Sailor Dorgan and the Jade Monkey" for Popular Publications (but promising Kline the commission), with a quote from Kline's letters; on the resurrection of Fight Stories as a possible market for Sailor Steve Costigan tales; Howard working on an Oriental tale.

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