FROM Robert E. Howard
TO H. P. Lovecraft


Thanks for Lovecraft's postcards and glad his visit was enjoyable; on their old argument, framed as a clash of cultures; on civilization, barbarism, and war (with reference to the Mexican War, American Civil War, Spanish-American War, World War I, the Belgian Congo, Mussolini's invasion of Ethiopia, the Mountain Meadow massacre, and other events), leading in to a discussion on the exploitation of the Southwest by corporations and northerners (with reference to Samuel Insull); on being labeled "an enemy of humanity"; on sadism, citing Havelock Ellis; on Howard's travels, and the racial make-up of New Mexico; on the travels of Howard and his parents through the Texas Panhandle to Amarillo, seguing into the story Sherrif W. F. Cato shooting Spencer Stafford, on a bootlegging sheriff, on Palo Duro and the Comanches, on an instance of domestic abuse; on some shorter trips to Weatherford, Mineral Wells, and Comanche, TX for watermelons; on seeing a football game with Lindsey Tyson and Dave Lee in Brownwood (and Tevis Clyde Smith's second marriage), and a visit from E. Hoffmann Price; the decline of Howard's mother's health, requiring a stay at the Torbett Sanitarium requiring a stay of some weeks (and a scenic vista of early morning fog on Jim Ned Creek, interviewing the locals on the early days of Coryell County, and on a friend that fell in with the occult); and the car and weather-troubles suffered by the Howards on their trip back; on "The Challenge from Beyond" with Lovecraft, C. L. Moore, A. Merritt, and Frank Belknap Long; glad to note Lovecraft's fiction in Astounding Stories, Howard making new markets but not selling enough, and asking what Lovecraft thinks of Howard's approach to lesbianism in the Conan serial "Red Nails" for Weird Tales; following E. Hoffmann Price's advice, Howard splashes the Spicy magazines, and suggests Lovecraft try it; thanks for the information on Northumberland, and asking after the Currituck Sound area in North Carolina, where the Ervins are from; enclosing an account of a vivid dream Howard had.

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