FROM Robert E. Howard
TO H. P. Lovecraft
May 1935


Apologies for delay in replying, as Howard has spent a month in east Texas where his mother had an expensive operation and subsequent complications and car trouble; weather in Texas, and on native catfish versus imported carp from Europe (and other deprecation of European tastes); Lovecraft's letter forwarded and lost or destroyed; on Britain, America, and the possibility of an alliance (with Howard's ancestry leaving little sympathy for the British); on sadism and police brutality; on Texas geography; on the Mexican Wars (and Antonio López de Santa Anna), quoting from the Texas Declaration of Independence and the Woonsocket Patriot, seguing into the story of Quanah and Cynthia Ann Parker, and quoting from Narrative of the Perilous Adventures, Miraculous Escapes and Sufferings of Rev. James W. Parker (and contrasting with Howard and Lovecraft's argument on chivalry), and from there talk of Native Americans in Texas; on Howard's cats and cows (with an aside on E. Hoffmann Price's take one); on Lovecraft's story "Out of the Aeons" in Weird Tales; Howard trying to break into new markets, selling four stories to Top Notch; Howard unable to travel unless he makes some money; the Supreme Court voting against the National Recovery Administration; on making home-made ice-cream with Pink Tyson.

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