FROM Robert E. Howard
TO H. P. Lovecraft
January 1935


Apologies on their continuing debate by correspondence, and a reiteration of Howard's arguments regarding government, personal freedom, modern civilization and barbarism, on Lovecraft's devotion to truth and Howard's citing of facts (particularly with regard to crime in Texas), police corruption, a line on sadism, on the vast gulf that still exists between East and West; glad to hear Lovecraft visited Frank Belknap Long in new York (and interested to learn that Long is now a Communist); on the situation in Europe and the widespread belief that dictators were tools of capitalism, leading into anti-British feeling out west and desire for the United States not to ally with anyone (as well as the Japanese buying up scrap-iron) and the growing pacifist movement and comparing non-resistance to the South during Reconstruction, leading into discussion of the Lee-Peacock feud and Union League (as well as John Wesley Hardin and Simp Dixon)); on Alabama winning the Rose Bowl (and more on Howard's family in Alabama and Georgia); on the winter weather; on Lovecraft's grandfather's (Whipple Van Buren Phillips) dam troubles and extending more on the Lake Brownwood dam accident; an account of a tornado (which could form the theme of a horror-story); more on the weather, and on dressing; a quiet Christmas, and a drinking-bout (and the things Howard doesn't recall from it, but was told later); on the picture of the Cthulhu bas-relief made by R. H. Barlow. Postscript: Farnsworth Wright has accepted The Hour of the Dragon novel starring Conan.

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