FROM Robert E. Howard
TO H. P. Lovecraft
July 1934


All parties recovered from the car accident, and Howard's heart troubles; on those that faint at the sight of blood; thanks for Lovecraft's comments on "Shadows in the Moonlight" (originally titled "Iron Shadows on the Moon"), with a quote from Alfred Noyes' "The Parrot"; a return to the old arguments (physical vs. mental, personal freedom and the frontier, regional differences in morality, the Roosevelt administration, art, barbarians, Romans, etc.), with Howard believing the continuation is the result of a fundamental misunderstanding or misreading of what Howard had written, or errors in Lovecraft's reasoning, returning to old anecdotes such as the one with Billy the Kid, moving into a comparison of Texas and New Mexico (and enclosing a clipping on crime statistics), leading in to an argument that Texas is being exploited by outside interests, further anecdotes, a segment on modern gangsters and the blood-eagle (and other tortures and mutilations) - all this written months ago, since which they have exchanged cards as Lovecraft was on his trip in Florida, and Howard sorry that Lovecraft didn't get a chance to go to Cuba; on Howard's enjoyable St. Patrick's Day with Truett Vinson in Brownwood, TX with a boxing match, a movie (The Invisible Man), a horse breeding, and alcohol (and alcohol-fueled singing of "Wearing of the Green," "The Shan Van Vocht," and "The Rising of the Moon"); then another trip with Vinson (with more alcohol) to the Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico (which Howard describes at length), and on to El Paso, and across the boarder to Juarez, then to Van Horn, Fort Stockton, Comanche Spring, and San Angelo, TX; on E. Hoffmann Price's visit, particularly a conversation they had on savate and foot-fighting (and anecdotes of fighting with his cousin); a recapitulation of Howard's response to his arguments with Lovecraft; praise for "Through the Gates of the Silver Key"; Sailor Steve Costigan stories now running in Jack Dempsey's Fight Magazine, and Breckinridge Elkins in Action Stories, with Howard trying to break into a western market.

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