FROM Robert E. Howard
TO Clark Ashton Smith
October 1933


Three more Conan stories yet unpublished: "Iron Shadows in the Moon," "The Queen of the Black Coast," and "Rogues in the House"; thanks and praise for the drawing of the reptile-being that Smith had sent; writing praise for "The Return of the Sorcerer" to the editor of Strange Tales; subscribing to the Fantasy Fan and praise for "Kingdom of the Worm"; Howard sending "The Garden of Fear" to Unusual Stories; congratulations on making the Astounding Story market (with "The Demon in the Flower"), which Howard hopes to break too ("The Valley of the Lost"), and having sold to Sport Stories, but not recently; praise for "The Seed of the Sepulchre" in Weird Tales, and looking forwards to "The Holiness of Azedarac." Postscript on William Lumley and reptile-men.

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