FROM Robert E. Howard
TO H. P. Lovecraft


Thanks for the clippings and post-cards; a return to the mental-physical argument (and the necessity of physical exercise in Howard's life), with asides on "The Black Stone" and Howard's pride (quoting at length from a letter by Henry S. Whitehead published in Adventure) leading in to a discussion on sports and athletics; on phobias; Howard may write his treatise on the development of Texas for Lovecraft; on slavery and freedom (with reference to Fascist Italy); on the degeneracy of civilization; on Howard turning twenty-seven; glad Lovecraft had a nice Christmas; on museums and collecting edged weapons; on Howard and schools (with an anecdote of a schoolyard brawl); returning to the argument on civilization versus barbarism; on Native Americans; a line on the North Irish question; on literature and trying to make a living as a writers; on Howard's friends Tevis Clyde Smith (co-author of "Red Blades of Black Cathay" in Oriental Stories) and Lenore Preece); letters from Weird Tales readers asking for the complete "The Road of Kings" from his Conan stories; on his new characters Gottfried von Kalmbach and Red Sonya in "The Shadow of the Vulture"; praise for O'Neill's The Hairy Ape, but not keen on H. L. Mencken and not having read Joseph Conrad, with further praise for Lovecraft; on an essay on Jack London by Bertrand K. Hart; on the buffalo-hunters, leading in to talk of Bat Masterson and Kansas lawmen; on the weather; on their difference in temperaments, with thanks again for Lovecraft's praise and Howard hoping to see more of his work in Weird Tales.

Note: Lovecraft added a note to this letter directed at Bernard Austin Dwyer and Frank Belknap Long, indicating how the letter should be forwarded between his younger correspondents and back to Lovecraft.

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