FROM Robert E. Howard
TO H. P. Lovecraft
December 1932


Glad Howard has not caused offense, and an observation on debate; returning to the argument of physical versus mental at some length, looking at both the aesthetic and practical benefits of physical development, without ignoring mental development (and with asides on art and sport); thanks for Lovecraft's kind words on Howard's fiction, and the esteem in which Howard holds Lovecraft, with reference to "The Cairn on the Headland" and "Worms of the Earth"; on the prize annuals and "The Black Stone" landing in Not at Night and his poetry; on the rattlesnake rattles and an anecdote about snakes; on sea-food and Texas coastal cities; Howard too a cheese addict and ice cream fiend, with notes on other aspects of his diet, leading in to an anecdote of Thanksgiving and watching a football game between Howard Payne College and Southwestern University with Lindsey Tyson, going on at length about the game, and more football news; on politics and economics, reiterating the possibility of a prolonged period of economic slavery to a new ruling class (and other thoughts on Communism, Fascism, and nationalism, referring to Stalin and Mussolini); Howard more emotional than the impartial Lovecraft, and his conviction in individual liberty, quoting a few lines from Haroun al Raschid; on Lovecraft's ideal model of government and individualism, leading in to a return of individuals suited to physical action, civilization, and revolution; on police in Texas, with anecdotes; on Texas politics and the Gladewater Journal; Howard thinking of a treatise on the development of Texas; more on barbarians and civilization; more on duels; more on Native Americans; on Howard and Lovecraft on opposite sides of the question of Northern Ireland; on the Phillipines; on French and English literature (including a list of Howard's favorite writers and poets); sad to hear of Henry S. Whitehead's death; asking for the address of the Not at Night people; wishing Lovecraft a merry Christmas and happy New Year.

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