FROM Robert E. Howard
TO H. P. Lovecraft


On cultural heritage and race; on civilization and barbarianism (including questions of if Howard were transported back to an earlier age versus being reborn in some earlier age); on physicality versus mentality (and a discussion of the thrill of words and art); Howard as agnostic; on his father, Dr. Isaac M. Howard; on the French market in New Orleans, and a few lines of "The Lakes of the Pontchartrain"; on the plight of the working classes; on drinking and temperance; on law enforcement, comparing modern police with lawmen like John Poe, Pat Garrett, Jack hayes, and Wild Bill Hickok, and on lawbreakers, leading in to a discussion of law and lawlessness in Texas (and Ben Thompson and King Fisher, with mention of Al Capone and the Lingbergh Baby kidnapping); a clipping on "Pretty Boy" Floyd; on Communism and midwestern farmers; on the Crusades; on a copy of The Gladewater Journal Howard had sent, and the editor Don Biggers; winters in Texas; on the Cave-in-the-Rock and the Harp Brothers(mentioning Zane Grey's The Border Legion); on the old gangs of New York (seguing into a discussion on boxing and back again); the election is over in Texas; the capacity for hardship of Texans and the Great Depression; on the debate on the true identity of Shakespeare; on Lester P. Barlow and prisons in Mexico and South America; a correction to the earlier report on the election; on Donald Wandrei, The Californian, and Lovecraft mentioned in American Author; the eclipse a flop in Texas, but glad Lovecraft got to see it in Quebec; on Japan and Germany gearing up for war; on a difficulty with grinding wheat at the mill with his father. Postscript on an unpublished manuscript, and wishing Wandrei luck.

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