FROM Robert E. Howard
TO H. P. Lovecraft


Condolences on the death of Lovecraft's aunt; glad Lovecraft enjoyed his meeting with E. Hoffmann Price; how Howard would like to trace back the steps of his ancestors; n Greeks, Romans, and barbarians; on Democrats and Republicans; a line on "Pretty Boy" Floyd; on violence in Texas; on spiritualism vs. materialism; on liquor, drunkenness, and Prohibition, particularly Howard's tastes regarding it (citing Jack London's John Barleycorn) and his work as a soda-jerk; on temperance versus gluttony among the Normans, Celts, Mongols, Tatars, Chinese, etc., with an aside on the death of Tamerlane, early firearms, and prohibitions against alcohol in the Qu'ran; on some notes and anecdotes regarding writing historical stories, with Howard brushing up on Eastern Europe (and comparison with class-struggles in America today), seguing into racial comments, and recalling his meeting with a Slavic Communist organizer; on the picnic and associated boxing matches (with an aside on traeling carnivals and gambling, and the time he got hit in the head by a ball); on a cousin who died falling from a trapeze; on police brutality (and comparison with the old days of Southwestern law enforcement, with reference to Billy the Kid, Norfleet, Hickman, Gonzaullas, and "Pretty Boy" Floyd); on John Wesley Hardin, Wild Bill Hickok, Belle Starr, among other gunfighters; waxing romantic on the Southwest, Texas and Texans in particular, seguing into talk of Custer's Last Stand and Native American war-chiefs (and of fictionalizing certain bloody incidents with Bran Mak Morn and Conan the Cimmerian); on writing bloody literature (versus the torture of naked girls in Seabury Quinn's fiction); on having no patience with writers that glorify Orientals or discredit Westerners by comparison (with some historical examples); on the Bonus Army; outcome of the elections in Texas; on Cecil A. Lotief, a Syrian elected to the state legislature (and an anecdote of an accident he had in Damascus); sharing Lovecraft's dislike of cold weather; praise for Frank Belknap Long ("When Chaugnar Wakes") and Howard Wandrei ("Over Time's Threshold") in Weird Tales; on trusting Lovecraft's discretion. Postscript: a friend escaping the law, a shooting in town, and a Weird Tales reader calling for a reprinting of the Necronomicon and Nameless Cults.

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