FROM Robert E. Howard
TO H. P. Lovecraft


Apologies for missing visiting Lovecraft in New Orleans, but glad that he and E. Hoffmann Price had a good time (and how he also had to decline visiting Kirk Mashburn in Houston); on Howard's desire to visit the Old South (and his instinctive urge to move westwards); racial musings on Turks and Mongols; on the classical world; on the Democratic National Convention and Bill Murray; on "Pretty Boy" Floyd; on zones of physical violence (and the McCoy-Hatfield feud); on Howard's own fights, and bullies, leading into another anecdote of a man with a very adamantine skull, and the death of another; the discussion on misfortune from the previous letter, leading in to talk of materialism; on floods in Texas, including the filling of Lake Brownwood (later used by Howard in "Wild Water"), leading on in turn to a rant about scientific misrule; on Prohibition (and various tonics and extracts, including Jamaica ginger, wine elixirs, bitters, and Virginia Dare), and drinking and alcohol in general (with mention of the "Santa Claus Bank Robbery" and "Lone Wolf" Gonzaullas); more on the flooding and Lake Brownwood, leading to talk of bootlegging on its shores; on the local picnic; Tom Blanton and Joe Joes running against each other for Congress; on Donald Wandrei's "The Little Gods Wait," and not having read the latest issue of Weird Tales; on the different attitudes of temperance between Saxons and Normans; a clipping on Japanese ambitions; on Jim and Ma Ferguson; sorry to hear of Lovecraft's illness, and hope Lovecraft will visit sometime.

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