FROM Robert E. Howard
TO H. P. Lovecraft


On Howard's oriental stories; continuing their historical speculations, particularly regarding Arabs and Turks; thanks for the praise on "People of the Dark" and "The Horror from the Mound" (the latter of which had originally been rejected); on H. Warner Munn, referencing "City of Spides" and "Tales of the Werewolf Clan"; on Olson and his rantings (referencing "Hills of the Dead" and "The Horror from the Mound"); on William Lumley; on how skies affect them both, leading in to romantic prose on Texas geography; Carl Swanson giving up on Galaxy, and further changes in the markets - Strange Tales, Astounding Stories, and Fight Stories; on the possibility of an "abridged" Necronomicon; more racist ranting on the Massie Case and Hawaii (seguing into lack of manliness in America, with reference to the Irish Free State and Australia); on the Indian Howard met in San Antonio; on the poverty of the Southwest; on a fellow called Red and the outlawry of the oil-fields; on "Pretty Boy" Floyd, and moving quickly thereafter to the greatest gunfighters in the west: Billy the Kid, Wild Bill Hickock, and John Wesley Hardin; on oil-field bullies, with anecdotes of a brawler taken by syphilis, and from there talk of paregoric addicts; on the capriciousness of chance and the malign influence of Outside (and of a childhood wrestling-match); on the fallibility of human senses (with reference to an incident with Boy Scouts), leading to a discussion of witnesses (and another anecdote of a would-be bad man); on Donald Wandrei; weather turning from sandstorms to floods; on Howard's aborted trip and poor health; Howard's fascination with Assyria; on whether or not to get permission before quoting a bit of verse; on joining the American Fiction Guild, on Bernard Austin Dwyer's "Brooklyn Nights." Postscript on receiving Whitehead's letter regarding a agent, "Sowers of Thunder" in Oriental Stories, an enclosed rhyme on the Massie Case and Farnsworth Wright rejects "The Marchers of Valhalla."

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