FROM Robert E. Howard
TO Tevis Clyde Smith
May 1932


Thanks for Smith writing to Strange Tales; on Henry S. Whitehead and his story "The Great Circle"; a note from the American Fiction Guild; upset over getting an expurgated edition of Apuleius' The Golden Ass from the Argosy bookstore; on Lead and Likker by O.P. White; wanting a copy of the Southwestern Historical Quarterly with its review of Smith's book; praise for "People of the Dark" and "The Sowers of the Thunder" (with an aside on Kirk Mashburn and Adventure); on the magic of literature; on Smith's old Fu Manchu parodies, leading to Howard trying another one - "The Toy Rattle Murder Case." Postscript on Olson, who was in a lather about "The Horror from the Mound."

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