FROM Robert E. Howard
TO H. P. Lovecraft
April 1932


Harry K. Brobst and the Pennsylvania Dutch; racialism and reality; on cloudy skies and weather; Howard submitted "The Hoofed Thing" to Carl Swanson's magazine; praise for Lovecraft's "In the Vault"; on Von Junzt and the German translation of Nameless Cults; praise for Clark Ashton Smith and the Book of Eibon; on the realism invested in Lovecraft's Necronomicon; Howard working on a new character in a new epoch - Conan the Cimmerian in the Hyborian Age, though Farnsworth Wright rejected most of the series, he sold "The Phoenix on the Sword"; also sold "The Valley of the Lost" to Strange Tales and "The Horror from the Mound" in Weird Tales; a line on Japan and China; on the Massie Case; on disarmament, hope for a close Anglo-American alliance, and fascism as the lesser evil compared to communism; on the Indian Howard met in San Antonio; historical speculations (and Farnsworth Wright advertising "The Sowers of the Thunder" in Asia); on the dangers to the younger generations (and Howard's own narrow scrapes), seguing into an anecdote on the durability of the human skull; on the local weather (sandstorms and drought); on South Texas and Rev. Gustav Gollbach of the Oblates; apologies for his meandering missive; leaving on a trip to East Texas tomorrow. Postscript: Farnsworth Wright takes another Conan yarn, "The Tower of the Elephant."

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