FROM Robert E. Howard
TO H. P. Lovecraft


On the Pennsylvania Dutch and braucherei; on European immigrants, and multiracial families in New Orleans; hope Donald Wandrei places his novel and asking after Carl Swanson's magazine The Galaxy; glad Lovecraft liked "The Thing on the Roof," Justin Geoffrey and Von Junzt; on war with Japan looking inevitable (and possible alliance with Mexico); on the Chinese and Japanese; on a gas-attack scare in San Antonio; on the Picts and Bran Mak Morn, and Howard's Pictish fiction ("Men of the Shadows," "The Lost Race," "Kings of the Night," and "The Worms of the Earth"); on his sympathies and antipathies with ancient Rome (and wanting to one day bring out a book of poetry titled Echoes from an Iron Harp); more on the Japanese invasion of Manchuria, and the presidential election involving Hitler in Germany; on the disarmament conference (with comparison of contemporary times with the feudal system), ending with wars that seem inevitable; on South Texas, particularly the citrus belt, and imagines owners being crowded out by big corporations, and the lost towns of Clarksville and Bagdad; on an Indian and his wife he met in San Antonio, and his views on the Chinese situation, Indian self-rule (with reference to Mahatma Gandhi), and other subjects, wandering off into Aryan fantasies; closing pleasantries include mention of a lecture on Zimbabwe by Theckla Hall.

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