FROM Robert E. Howard
TO H. P. Lovecraft
January 1932


Thanks for the postcards, and on the settling of Colonial New England; thanks for the information on the difference between High and Low German (and on the original form of Howard's first name); on the Pennsylvania Dutch in the Texas oil fields; on race in the West Indies and the pla├žage system in New Orleans; praise for Wandrei's height and head; pessimistic about the state of America (the Great Depression, etc.) and the Japanese invasion of Manchuria; on war (and chemical warfare); on the Picts and the origin and development of Bran Mak Morn; more on immigrants in Texas, with some gruesome anecdotes; on the difference between English and German literature; on card games and gambling; on sports, particularly football, wrestling, and boxing (with an anecdote of a bout between Kid Dula and Racehorse Rogers); on the depression in Texas; on the Howards not being farmers, but taking food and animals on debts; on a dam being built in Brown county; closing smalltalk, and asking Lovecraft to extend his thanks to W. Paul Cook. Postscript on Howard making Clayton's Strange Tales with "People of the Dark."

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