FROM Robert E. Howard
TO H. P. Lovecraft


Howard catching up on correspondence after spending some time in East Texas, and the usual thanks for the material Lovecraft had sent; on Weird Tales artists (Rankin, Doolin, Senf); on Bohemians; on Bigfoot Wallace (and other Indian fighters); a question on the difference between High and Low Germans (including some racialist comments on Swedes); on Henry S. Whitehead's comment about the racial makeup of modern Danes; on Howard's ignorance of economics; questions on Donald Wandrei; thanks for the comments Lovecraft made on Howard's verse, and the poem "Arkham" which was accepted for Weird Tales; on Lovecraft's sense of place with ancient Rome and Howard's with barbarians of the same era, and on Roman Britain; more on immigrants; on Pendexter's story "Devil's Brew"; Howard not having much luck selling to the Claytons; on the Texas-Harvard football game; on Howard and sports (with reference to Hoot Masur). Postscript on an enclosed clipping.

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