FROM Robert E. Howard
TO H. P. Lovecraft
August 1931


Thanks for the material and glad Lovecraft enjoyed his trip; self-criticism on "The Footfalls Within" and prophecy of Lovecraft's eventual fame and fortune (with condolences that Farnsworth Wright rejected At the Mountains of Madness); on San Antonio, and Howard's wanderings in Texas the last few months, with an aside on conflicts with the Native Americans in early Texas history (and mention of Cynthia Ann Parker); on race memories; on skin hues and hair and eye colors; on the origins of the civilizations on the Near East (with reference to Atlantis); on Howard's preference for and beliefs regarding the Norse, particularly their sagas (with mention of Beowulf); on stories being rejected and accepted, and Harry Bates loosening his restrictions; more on Texas agriculture and Trade's Day; more on the Gulf of Mexico and Galveston, TX; on how people seem to be getting shorter, citing various boxing champions and friends such as Tevis Clyde Smith and Truett Vinson; on knife-fighting and sword-fighting; on poetry and writing (with Farnsworth Wright taking "The Sowers of the Thunder"); on the fall of a meteorite in his youth; on an earthquake (which Howard slept through, seguing into an anecdote about being woken up); on trouble in the Oklahoma City Old Field, and more on oil booms; on the rights of states and individuals; on wishing he had been born a hundred years ago; on organized crime among immigrants, ending in some anecdotes involving Mexicans; on authors Howard has not read, referencing "Supernatural Horror on Literature"; on the recent issue of Adventure (with Whitehead's "The Black Beast") and tales of a pre-Indian people in Florida; pleased to hear Lovecraft will have a story in the next Weird Tales, and E. Hoffmann-Price and W. Kirk Mashburn trying to create an anthology of weird tales; an invitation for Lovecraft to visit Texas, with details of some locales he might like to see. Postscript apologies for being morbid, and quotes lines from a number of folksongs dealing with battle, murder and death; a further postscript on sending Lovecraft a copy of Sport Story (with Howard's story "College Socks") and a snapshot, and on Howard's appreciation of "The Strange High House in the Mist" (with reference to "The White Ship," "The Silver Key," and "The Terrible Old Man."

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