FROM Robert E. Howard
TO H. P. Lovecraft
February 1931


Thanks for the materials Lovecraft had sent; sympathies on Lovecraft's fatigue after revising a book of verse; glad Lovecraft found the pictures and material of interest (and more on Howard's Kodak camera); on architecture (modernist, Spanish, etc.); a line on Howard's historical education; Weird Tales maybe going monthly again, with a possible sequel to "Skull Face"; "The Curse of Yig" and snakes (with an anecdote of a snake and a mongoose and his personal sense for snakes); on Jews and New York City, moving into nativist rants against immigrants; more on architecture, particularly Southwestern styles of porches and rail fences, seguing into an anecdote of a Swedish immigrant; on Southwestern literature and the "Wild West" image; on the Chisholm trail and John Chisum, moving into the Lincoln County War, western feuds, and the lengthy and bloody saga, of Billy the Kid, Squire Henry's encounter with John A. Murrell; praise for one of Lovecraft's manuscripts, and thanks for the same, moving in to talk of how the pulp magazines are specializing, and the merits of A. Merritt; Howard having recently re-read several of Lovecraft's stories and praising them again; Howard and Smith's "Red Blades of Black Cathay" in Oriental Stories; on the Boskops; on the closing chapters of Frank Belknap Long's "The Horror in the Hills" and Lovecraft's Roman dream embedded in it; Howard's affinity for ancient cities of the Middle East and Asia Minor; on his affinity for great men and kings over nations; on the biblical figures Saul, Samuel, Abner, Joab, David, and Samson - the latter of whom Howard argues wasn't actually Jewish, but a red-haired Aryan; on Howard's antipathy to ancient Rome (with reference to MacCauley's Lays of Ancient Rome) and his image of druids and the aboriginal peoples of the British isles, seguing into his instinctive defense of the Stuarts; praise for Lovecraft's drawings.

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