FROM Robert E. Howard
TO Tevis Clyde Smith
December 1930


On a rejection (probably "Double-Cross"); "Fashions in Duels" published in the Dallas News and Howard thinking of sending it to Lovecraft; more on rejections from Fight Storiesl Howard unable to make it to Brownwood for a while; success and praise with Oriental Stories ("Voice of El-Lil," "Red Blades of Black Cathay," "The Blood of Bel-Shazzer") and Weird Tales ("Kings of the Night" and "The Black Stone"), though Weird Tales is going bimonthly, with Howard debating whether to send in "The Thing on the Roof"; on not being able to finish manuscripts; debating a trip to Mexico City; on Yezidis and devil-worship; on international politics (Russia, Mussolini in Italy, etc.); recommend Smith send "The Honor of the Game" to Sport Story if Argosy won't take it; WTAM no longer dramatizing stories from Weird Tales; inviting Smith over to visit. Postscript asking for the June Weird Tales.

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