FROM Robert E. Howard
TO Harold Preece
November 1930


On their respective nose troubles; Howard heard Æ (George William Russel) speak; praise for Lenore Preece as a poet; glad Harold Preece liked "The Voice of El-Lil"; Howard never having read Rudyard Kipling's "The Finest Story in the World," but has read Jack London's The Star Rover many times; on Howard's latest story in Weird Tales, set in Roman Britain, and how someday Howard would like to write a novel in the same period; expanding on his theories of the aboriginal inhabitants of Europe mentioned in "The Voice of El-Lil," and expanding on racial origins in Europe in general, focusing on the Picts and his stories referring to them ("The Lost Race," "The Shadow Kingdom," "The Mirrors of Tuzun Thune," "The Dark Man," "Kings of the Night," and others yet unsold); the poems "Mihiragula," "Belshazzer," "Timur-lang," and "The Peasant on the Euphrates."

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