FROM Robert E. Howard
TO H. P. Lovecraft
October 1930


Howard pleased that Farnsworth Wright accepted Lovecraft's "The Whisperer in Darkness" for Weird Tales; thanks for the copy of The Recluse with Lovecraft's essay "Supernatural Horror in Literature" (and sorry to hear of W. Paul Cook's ill health, and thanks for working to get a sketch from H. Warner Munn); appreciation for Lovecraft's comments on "Red Thunder," and on Howard's poetry in general; on San Antonio, TX (with aspersions on the immigrants) seguing into Texas racial history; more ponderings on the racial origins of various ancient civilizations and cultures (including Jews and Islam); on the revival of Howard's interest in the Orient with Oriental Stories, and his story "The Voice of El-Lil"; on their mutual interest in local history, particularly with respect to Rhode Island and Texas, seguing briefly to the West coast of Africa (and Howard's story "Red Shadows," slavery, and African-Americans), and back to local folk-lore (a "rock which bleeds in the light of the moon," an old woman looked on as a witch, and murder-ranches); a brief mention of Puritanism and psychology, and Howard wanting to read Lovecraft's "The Picture in the House"; on the witch-cult hypothesis; on the good and bad traits of the Celts, waxing romantic and leading to the poem "Rueben's Brethren"; on certain images, suggesting P. W. Joyce's The Story of Ancient Irish Civilization for reference, and opining that they may have some influence from phallic worship; on their shared hobby of genealogy, and Lovecraft's story of the "Luck of Eden Hall" (and Longfellow's poem on it); on wanting to see Stonehenge (with references to druids); agreement with Lovecraft on immigration and "the melting pot" (very racially-tinged, with asides on Native Americans, Picts, Celts, etc.) seguing into Howard's ancestry and connection to Texas; on the geography and history of Texas, seguing into discussion of gunfighters, including James Norfleet, Tom Hickman, Manuel Gonzaullas, Dock Holder, and Judge G.B. Gerald, with a brief aside on violence along the Mexican border; thanks for the articles on Providence, R.I. and Lovecraft's poem "The East India Brick Row," moving on to discuss the effect of environment on a man (including Howard's own brief tenure in Dark Valley); Weird Tales has accepted a Bran Mak Morn tale, "The Children of the Night," which will reference the Cthulhu Mythos and quote James Elroy Flecker's "Gates of Damascus." Postscript thanking Lovecraft for his bookplate.

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