FROM Robert E. Howard
TO H. P. Lovecraft
September 1930


Glad Lovecraft enjoyed his trip to Quebec; praise for A Man from Genoa; on H. Warner Munn in Weird Tales and Lovecraft's "Supernatural Horror in Literature" in The Recluse; on Etruscans, Aryans, and Semitic races; lengthy discussion on Lovecraft's comments on early history and folk-lore of Rhode Island, leading in to talk of a local murder-ranch, witchcraft in New England; on Lovecraft's Celtic ancestry, German horror-stories and Lovecraft's Gothic style (with a brief comparison to Arthur Machen), Howard's own writing style and ancestry, the "moonack" and whippoorwills (citing "The Dunwich Horror"), a legend of a murdered traveler and other aspects of weird fiction; anti-immigration commiseration, with Howard elaborating on foreigners in Texas (particularly Mexicans, waxing fantastic and bloody about one Ramon Macias, and the Germans of New Braunfels); Howard sending Lovecraft a picture of the Alamo.

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