FROM Robert E. Howard
TO H. P. Lovecraft
September 1930


Howard envies Lovecraft's journey to Quebec; thanks to Lovecraft and Frank Belknap Long for the loan of A Man from Genoa; on August Derleth; on Bernard Austin Dwyer (and his poem "Ol' Black Sarah") as well as Wilfred B. Talman and Donald Wandrei; on the Persians and Aryans; on archery in the ancient world; on Armenians and Tuscans; Howard will watch for Lovecraft's revision "Medusa's Coil"; on sadistic slave-stories and supernatural tales told by an old African-American cook, Mary Bohannon, seguing into the Celtic horrors related by Howard's own grandmother; on superstition and African Americans; thanks for the praise for Howard's Bran Mak Morn stories, with another one ("Kings of the Night") due out soon; Howard to ask for Machen's address from Derleth; wishing Lovecraft a good trip to Quebec, and talk about Texas and its agricultural hardship. Postscript thanking Lovecraft for the picture of Paul Revere's home, with some anti-immigrant remarks, and to announce Long's book had arrived.

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