FROM Robert E. Howard
TO Harold Preece
September 1929


On reading Destiny Bay by Donn Byrne and Northern Irish, seguing into further rants on Irish history and ancestry; Truett Vinson and Tevis Clyde Smith both left - Truett for Denver, CO, and Smith for Carlsbad, NM; on films, including Thunderbolt, The Desert Song, The Queen of the Night Clubs, The Singing Fool, Hearts in Dixie, Tong War (also released as Chinatown Nights), etc., as well as a list of some of his favorite actors, particularly Lila Damita of The Bridge of San Luis Rey; Howard and the gang having fun at the local fair.

Note: A footnote in the Selected Letters cites a letter from Billie R. Loving to Rusty Burke (21 September 1989) giving the names of Howard's local friends mentioned in the letter; it provides the basis for a similar footnote in the Collected Letters.

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