FROM Robert E. Howard
TO Tevis Clyde Smith
December 1928


Some parody poems; Howard likes typing but hasn't been able to write anything lately; on Howard's appreciation of the old writers like De Quincey (particularly compared to modern writers); the poems "The Deed Beyond the Deed," "An American," "My Children," and some other untitled verse; on seeing The Story of Brownwood; quotes from a letter from Harold Preece on women (with plans for a scathing reply); on his poems "To the Evangelists" and "Easter Island" in the Junto (with asides on Ruth Baum and Harold Preece's "gypsy blood"); a cluster of profanity leading into a confused mach of letters as Howard asks why paper can't laugh under the rattle of the typewriter; more poetry.

Note: In the Selected Letters, a letter from Charlotte Laughlin to Glenn Lord (dated 6 Oct 1986) is quoted giving some background and detail to The Story of Brownwood; this footnote forms the basis for a similar footnote in the Collected Letters.

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