FROM Robert E. Howard
TO Harold Preece


Asking how Texas Christian University is (and Howard's prejudice against colleges); on the local American Legion failing to put on a good boxing match, and missing the convention in San Antonio; on "O. Henry's Own Short Story"; on the film The King of Kings (with a slight anti-Semitic aside); on why Howard won't vote (and his grudge against the Catholic church); on Atlantis, the flood myth, and Neanderthals and Cro Magnon, seguing into some references to Theosophy, and Howard's story "The Shadow Kingdom"; wishing he had the money to take courses on anthropology and history (and an occultist that claims Howard is a reincarnated Atlantean); on the kinship Howard feels with the Middle Ages, seguing into more fantasies, ending in a note of self-mockery.

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