FROM Robert E. Howard
TO Tevis Clyde Smith


Howard trying to go back to writing prose; present-day writers like Ben Hecht and Upton Sinclair as sexual perverts; some untitled verse, and the poems "Eternity," "Serpent," "Shadows," "Destiny," "Adventure," "Libertine," "Nun," "Prude," "Adventurer," "Poet," "Dancer," "Dreamer," "Sailor," "Cowboy," "Toper," "Girl," "Deeps," "Thor," "Mystic," "Orientia," "The Mountains of California," and "Monarchs"; on sexual perversion; the poems "Lust," "The Alamo," "San Jacinto," "Romance"; on sex and Swinburne and Oscar Wilde, with quotes from George Sylvester Viereck on lesbianism and homosexuality.

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