FROM George Sterling
TO Clark Ashton Smith


Smith must be strong to chop wood; praise for "The Saturnienne" (and Ambrose Bierce' praise for archaic words); sorry Armsby didn't send more money; the Chronicle failed to review Sandalwood due to carelessness and overwork; Mrs. Clark back in New York, and Smith might send a copy of Sandalwood there; on Jeffers, whom Sterling praised in the Overland Monthly (mentioning "Tamar" and quoting from "Point Pinos and Poin Lobos"; Sterling sent Smith's French poem to James Hopper; on Benjamin de Casseres; Sterling had a bender from Christmas Eve to New Years; signed a contract with Macmillian to publish Lilith, and possibly a volume of selected poems; reading up to start a new dramatic poem. Postscript: Mr. Lathrop ill. Post-postscript: suggest Smith try George Moore.

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