FROM George Sterling
TO Clark Ashton Smith


Smith's toe still unhealed, and not to worry about the mortgage (with mention of a project by Somerset Maugham); no need to apologize for the poetry Smith sends to Sterling, with praise and criticism for "Concupiscence," "Incognita" (with a suggestion to try it on the Dial), "Maya" (with reference to Saltus' "The chuckle of Satan in Chaos"), and "Loss"; Sterling no longer buying the American Mercury, and on crosswords; Sterling hanging out with Benjamin de Casseres, who is in Hollywood to write movie titles, and entertained him at Lafler's, where de Casseres got drunk and Sterling stayed sober; on a costume dancer, and Sterling in costume as Catullus; on a funny letter from Lee Mihan; no poetry equal to Smith's to enclose, seguing into rumination on aging and the imagination. Enclosed: "The Dreamer," other unidentified poems.

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