FROM George Sterling
TO Clark Ashton Smith


A quote from Ambrose Bierce' "An Insurrection of the Peasantry," apologies for the late letter; Sterling been sober for a month, with one lapse, and wrote a good deal; Albert M. Bender showed Sterling a letter from Smith on the forthcoming publication of Ebony and Crystal (with mention of Robertson); thanks for the cherries, with Sterling working on Smith's remittance (mentioning Phelan); following up on Snappy Stories (mentioning Kemp, Richard Le Galienne), editor Ellan McIlvane might like Smith's "Song" and "Plum-Flowers"; asking after Smith's love life. Postscript: asking after Andrew Dewing. Enclosed: "Ephemera," "Shelley at Spezia," and unidentified poems.

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