FROM George Sterling
TO Clark Ashton Smith


Sterling apologizes for the long delay between letters; asking after Smith's health, as one Nichol said Smith needed medical care; glad Smith liked "Rosamund," and trying to contact D. W. Griffith about a possible film version; on a talk with Ruth St. Denis about adapting "Lilith"; commiseration about rejection of Ebony and Crystal, and promising to try to influence Robertson; Anna M. Reed broken down in health with cancer, Dr. Albert Abrams claims to have just cured her son of tuberculosis; on Prohibition (mentioning Bigin's restaurant); Sterling has written little, but sold some verses to the San Francisco Bulletin and an ode, "To a Girl Dancing"; Stella is in Copenhagen and homesick; no word from Samuel Loveman. Enclosed: Clipping of "The Cool, Grey City of Love" from the San Francisco Bulletin.

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