FROM George Sterling
TO Clark Ashton Smith


Sterling apologies for the delay in writing, due to the Jinks, a trip to Carmel, and a case of shingles (supposedly cured by Dr. Albert Abrams); glad to hear Samuel Loveman is coming to visit (Loveman sent a copy of the Saturnian); sorry to hear that Smith is up against the money problem, and hoped Mrs. Clark's cheques were continuing regular (though she is now in France or Italy); on Smith's "To Nora May French" and notes on the other sonnets he sent (with mention of Lafler and "Lilith"); Reed's printer eloped, delaying the printing of "Rosamund," with Sterling promising to get him a copy (and still unable to get a copy of "Lilith"); Sterling wishing he had a signed copy of "To Nora May French" to send to Roberts, late editor of Ainslee's; Loveman mentions Smith may have an exhibition of drawings (mentioning "Pan" and Herkomer); on the Democratic convention (with mention of H. L. Mencken); on the country's putridity. Postscript: Book Club of California bringing out a new edition of "Lilith." Post-postscript: Sterling sober for almost three weeks.

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