FROM Clark Ashton Smith
TO George Sterling


No news of May Greenwood (speculating they may have gone to the tubercular sanatorium at Weimar or the resort at Carfax); Mrs. Clark wrote from the Adler Sanatorium; thanks for the announcement of the Thrill Book, which has accepted Smith's "Dissonance," and prophesying its success as public opinion turns to imaginative literature, citing the Modern Library translation of "The Flowers of Evil" (Les Fleurs du mal); Smith liked Sterling's sonnets, and sends a copy of the stolen one ("Laus Mortis") and another, "Ode to Peace" which Smith had neglected to send to the San Francisco Chronicle competition the previous fall; on William Stanley Braithwaite and poetic pedagogy; asking if Sterling wants to visit (and help dig a "wine cellar"). Enclosed: "Laus Mortis," "Ode to Peace."

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