FROM George Sterling
TO Clark Ashton Smith


Sorry to hear Smith has not been more creative lately, but praising "Forgetfulness" and urging Smith to send it to the magazines (including Smart Set) and Mrs. Clark; Sterling commiserates on not liking to write letters, and has himself written little except some songs for Lawrence Zenda, but is enclosing a sonnet; glad to hear Andrew Dewing is well, and Dr. Albert Abrams is attending a new patient; Sterling's mother in Honolulu has suffered a paralytic stroke; Sterling has a satiric poem ("The Roman Wall") in Century, and sold three "Ocean-Sunsets" sonnets to Harper's Monthly (with Robertson wanting to bring them out in a book), and Boni & Liverright will publish Lilith in the fall; on a phone call from Mrs. Clark. Enclosed: unidentified sonnet.

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