FROM George Sterling
TO Clark Ashton Smith


On how Smith shouldn't apologize for a delayed reply; on the poems Smith sent (mentioning "Moon-Dawn" and "The Mirrors of Beauty"); on Robertson publishing Smith and Sterling, promising to send Smith copies (and Sterling's "Yosemite: An Ode" in the San Francisco Call); on Albert Bender's offer to attend the Pan-Pacific International Exposition, and Sterling urging Smith to accept, as it will feed Smith's subconscious (plus a chance to see Robertson and Sterling's fiance Stella); Hyatt returned to Ann Arbor; looking forward to autumn and the return to writing; no poems to send, but quotes some lines (with suggested corrections) for "Moon-Dawn" and "The Mirrors of Beauty." Postscript: Smith didn't send the prose-dialogue, "Orion" is alright.

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