FROM George Sterling
TO Clark Ashton Smith


Smith's letters in hand; Sterling at Jack London's only for weekends, and suggesting Smith might come next month; on Smith's drawings, suggesting he do more weird ones; suggesting Smith should write an elegy for Nora May French; on an artist's most normal and familiar mood (and women), advising Smith to be patient; on Smith's mine-shaft, and Sterling's own work prospects; Robertson may bring out another book by Smith in a year; comments on "The Blindness of Orion" (and suggestions on where to submit it, with reference to "Yosemite: An Ode"), "The Statue of Silence," and "From the Crypts of Memory"; the Bohemian Grove Jinks successful (with mention of Jack London and Harry Leon Wilson); on Margaret Anglin as "Medea" at the Greek Theatre (with reference to "To Margaret Anglin: In the Greek Tragedies"); Hyatt still visiting, and bought some books from Sterling (possibly to settle a debt); sorry Smith declined Bender's offer to see the Exposition (and how the imagination needs stimulation); promise to send some photographs from the Bohemian Grove; Sterling headed to Our Lady of Orchids.

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