FROM George Sterling
TO Clark Ashton Smith


Sterling was in Yosemite for two weeks, but was lonely for his fiance and had a Bohemian Club friend (Barbour Lathrop) take him to Del Monte, where he met Marshall Darrach, then on to San Francisco, and finally Carmel for the Bohemian Club Jinks; Sterling wrote a socialistic ode; praise for Smith's sonnets; Sterling too has ceased to submit to magazines; Sterling to attend the Jinks, then up to Jack London's ranch, and may take a newspaper job thereafter; Sterling's sister Marian coming from Honolulu, sorry Smith turned down Bender's offer, asking if Smith would like to visit at London's; Hyatt heading to San Diego; asking if Smith had written anything on Nora May French (or if he wants to), Lafler wrote one ("Pearl"), Loveman working on one, and Sterling has written a couple; suggest Smith's library buy Contemporary Portraits: First Series by Frank Harris; living at Stella's, spending time at the Bohemian Club, where he can work (though he doesn't feel like it); John Neirhardt finished "The Song of Hugh Glass."

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