FROM George Sterling
TO Clark Ashton Smith


Sterling staying in Sag Harbor, planning to winter in New York or Bermuda, returning to California in the spring; on Sag Harbor, and being lonely (except for Upton Sinclair and possibly Norbert Hyatt); sending some seashells to John Neihardt's children, though no writing done; on "The Orchid of Beauty"; Sterling to use his uncle's boat, as it's too cold for swimming; Sterling received the galley-proof for Beyond the Breakers and Other Poems, the publishing might be slow due to a publisher's strike; in New York Sterling met Markham, Carman, Cawain, Viereck, Wheelock, Kilmer, O'Hara, Mrs. Wagstaff, and Zoƫ Akins; Markham to have a new book out, and on a dinner he had with Sterling.

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