FROM George Sterling
TO Clark Ashton Smith


On the weather and hunting; on Town Talk's report: Sterling had sold three stories to the Popular; suggesting Smith sell Town Talk a poem in exchange for a year's subscription; on Smith's idea for a poem of a council of the suns (referencing "Ashton Stevens Interviews George Sterling, Poet" and his "Litany of the Suns"), and recommending perhaps Smith put it off till he was more mature (citing his own "The Testament"); on editors being late in returning manuscripts in the summer (The Century holding on to Sterling's "Menace"); Sterling sold a poem ("Then and Now") to Harper's Weekly, contemplating the class of magazines that take his poetry; Mrs. Sterling tired of having guests, and expects one of her sisters to visit, but proposes Smith visit when Mrs. Sterling returns to Oakland; fears of drought in California; enclosing a couple of sonnets, "That Walk in Darkness" rejected by the Smart Set.

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